Support The Premier Theatre Company

Want to show your support for the performing arts community in Monmouth County? Consider making a donation to or becoming a sponsor for The Premier Theatre Company! Financial support from patrons like you helps to make our live productions possible. We appreciate any form of support you can offer.


Small donations make such a huge difference in the performing arts!

Depending on the amount of money you donate, you will be given a special donation level:
Friend <$50
Stagehand $50+
Director’s Circle $75+
Producer’s Circle $100+
Patron $250+
Champion $500+
Red Carpet $1,000+
Mezzanine $1,500+
Balcony $2,500+
Main Stage $5,000+
Proscenium $7,500+
Marquee $10,000+


Become a sponsor for The Premier Theatre Company!

Whether it be for a full show or just a musician for one of our orchestras, there are so many opportunities to help support the arts! Check out the images below for more information!

Contact trustee Mike DeVito at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor!