Charitable Group Fundraising from Premier Theatre Company

The Premier Theatre Company offers an excellent opportunity for 501-c3 groups to raise money. Schools, clubs, religious organizations, charitable foundations, troops, and others are welcome!

How Much Your Organization Can Raise

of ticket sales go back to your organization.

It's easy, fun, & at no expense to your organization.

10 Adult tickets sold at $25 = $250

10 Senior tickets sold at $20 = $200

10 Student tickets sold at $15 = $150

10 Children tickets sold at $12 = $120

Total Money Made: $720

Money Raised for Your Group

How To Participate

If you want to participate in our program, you must follow these instructions:

  1. First, your charitable organization must be a registered 501-c3 group.
  2. To participate, make sure you register with The Premier Theatre Company well in advance.
  3. You must pick a performance date and time. The coordinator will supply an estimate of number of tickets. Your group is not locked into the estimate, but a minimum of 20 tickets needs to be set. You are in charge of your own marketing and publicizing, but The Premier Theatre Company will supply logos for you to use.
  4. Your organization must have one contact person who will take all reservations. The Premier Theatre Company will supply order forms for this person.
  5. A period of seven days will be selected prior to the given performance date. Your group contact will have to give count to The Premier Theatre Company at the end of the period.
  6. Reservations can still come in after the seven days are over. Additional tickets may not be with the original group block.
  7. On the day of the performance, one hour before curtain, your contact person must meet with the box office manager for a final ticket count. Tickets will be supplied at this time, and half the payment for the face value price will be supplied.
  8. Your contact person will then meet your ticket buyers in a designated location to hand out tickets.